Brittany Scott

Artist Statement

Throughout my early training and career, I have been given opportunities to work with and learn from various mentors, continually propelling me forward toward the next thing I need to focus on.  Throughout this process, I have come to firmly believe that collaboration as an artist does more for you, as well as your community and the careers of others than does competition.  The countless hours I have spent discussing art and learning from artists across the board have helped me to define and redefine my purpose as well as the direction I take with my work.  I hope to always allow myself to be open to not only collaboration, but to building and strengthening the creative sides of others around me. 

Burton Silverman once said to me, "Remember always that the external rewards; prizes, shows, sales, are important for encouragement, but they are transient.  The real reward comes from a life of creative intensity -- of a kind of fulfillment of self not given to many offices.  The 'prize' is in the journey.  The ups and downs are inevitable."

Painting brings me complete fulfillment and sincere joy.  We are all creative beings because we are all created by the most creative being in the Universe--God The Father.  As we spend time each day creating, I believe we come closer to Him and to the person He wants us to become.  Regardless of what you are creating, you are organizing matter into something better, more beautiful, to enrich the lives of others.  My goal as an artist is to make the world more beautiful, more sensitive, and more moving.