Andrea Simonsen

Born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley, Andrea Simonsen always knew she would grow up to be an artist. She enjoys traveling, cooking and ultimately exploring the world around her. She currently lives in Provo, Utah with her husband Justin.

Andrea graduated from Utah Valley University in 2016 in Art and Visual Communications where she studied painting, drawing and graphic design. After studying along side Chris Young, she fell in love with art all over again as she continued to persue her passion of being an artist.

Art has always played a huge role in Andrea’s life. Since she was a small child she has had an inclination to draw and paint. It has always been important for her art to demonstrate the beauty and detail of this world that often gets overlooked.  Since Andrea believes that life is meant to be explored and observed, she endeavors to capture the simple and unique beauty of ordinary objects in order to allow others to see and feel as she does.