ARC Salon Award Winner - Lis Pardoe

Meyer Gallery artist, Lis Pardoe, has been selected as the winner of the Springville Museum of Art Exhibition Award at the 15th Annual International ARC Salon. Lis is a gifted artist, and her talent for creating thoughtful and beautiful figurative work has captured the attention of collectors, gallerists, and curators. 

Details regarding the 15th Annual International ARC Salon can be read here.

The Springville Museum of Art Exhibition Award provides a space at the museum over the course of the next year that will feature artwork by Lis. Her painting "The Space Between" is what won her the award, and can be viewed below as well as Pardoe's statement on the piece. 


"I intend for this painting to speak about personal space - mental and physical. Even amidst an enchanting and stimulating atmosphere, a woman is sitting, self-reflective. It takes vulnerability to accept our current state of mind and to pause our surroundings. The window represents the things in which we do not know. I began this painting as my friend and subject’s family in China were experiencing the coronavirus. She finished sitting for me just before the U.S. was impacted, and I completed the painting as the first phase of re-opening began. Creating this work started as a way to challenge my inner critic, telling me that painting merely a contemplative scene wasn’t contemporary enough, but I’ve emerged feeling that it couldn’t be more relevant than now. I don’t know where the ending will be and what the answers are, perhaps because we are still in 'the space between'".