July 4

Mary Sauer, "Remnants"

A glimpse into the themes and concepts behind Mary Sauer's new works for her upcoming exhibition, "Remnants." Opening reception July 27th from 6-9 p.m.

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May 13

"Remnants" New works by Mary Sauer - opens July 27th

Join us for the opening of "Remnants", featuring new work by acclaimed painter, Mary Sauer. The reception will be held Friday, July 27 from 6-9 pm.

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February 19

"Mythologies" - new works by Fatima Ronquillo

Fatima Ronquillo’s contemporary figurative paintings are lyrical and theatrical

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February 12

"Bones & Bison" Jeff Pugh Solo Show

Jeffery Pugh: Process & Inspiration for “Bones & Bison”

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January 10

Fatima Ronquillo: Hey! Modern Art & Pop Culture Magazine

Fatima Ronquillo was recently interviewed by Anne and Julien of  Hey! Modern Art and Pop Culture, a bilingual French-English art magazine based in Paris.

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January 10

Brian Kershisnik's Upcoming Book

Unicorn, the visual art imprint of Unicorn Publishing Group LLP, is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Provo, Utah, artist Brian Kershisnik for an October 2018 publication of a retrospective art solo, Looking for Something: his first for over a decade.

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January 10

Brian Kershisnik: Le Péché du Magicien

Brian Kershisnik’s contemporary figurative paintings are autobiographical narratives, illustrating poignant human emotions derived from personal experiences. Instead of painting from life, Kershisnik paints from the “process of being alive,” resulting in disguised self-portraits that reflect feelings of comfort, delight, puzzlement, union or loneliness as well as more abstract human emotions. Kershisnik considers his artistic process a performance and his canvas the stage, which he portrays literally and metaphorically in his latest body of work for “Le Péché du Magicien” the Utah artist’s twelfth annual solo show at Meyer Gallery this February.

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January 9

David LeCheminant: In Process Video

New gallery artist, David LeCheminant composes his mixed wood wall sculptures in a premeditated, yet serendipitous form. David states, "I am equally fascinated by urban life, nature and contemporary culture. Combining ideas from these sources, I use the language of form to express myself in a way that is completely synthetic and abstract yet somehow familiar".

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November 30


Santiago Michalek: Annual Solo Show, “Collective” focuses on the artist’s classic vintage transportation theme, which began with his personal connection to the Volkswagen. While Volkswagen buses and bugs are the subject that propelled the Utah artist into a full-time painting career, his imagery has since expanded to include anything from fire engines to gypsy wagons.
Santiago Michalek: “Collective” opens on Saturday, December 16th from 6-9pm. Preview his paintings in our online exhibition catalog.

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October 11

Susan Speaking at Creative Collaborative

Creative Collaborative is an effort to strengthen our artistic community, and we are excited to hear from Susan Meyer, owner of Meyer Gallery on Tuesday, October 11th. We meet in the Provo Rec Center Multi Purpose Room, we’d love to see you there!

June 19

Jenny Gummersall in Saks Fith Avenue, Houston

Recently, Saks Fifth Avenue bought twenty-one of Jenny Gummersall's photograph's for their Houston store. Jenny has become an icon in western art photography and this new collection of pieces not only bolster's her reputation as being extremely talented and sophisticated, but also deeply entrenches her work in the world of creativity and design. Way to go Jenny!

May 18

"State of the Arts" Panel at the Springville Museum of Art

Our own Susan Meyer will be participating in the Springville Museum of Art's "State of the Arts" panel on May 18.  The panel will consist of arts professionals in different fields (museums, galleries, critics, etc.), discussing the state of art in Utah.  The event will be from 7--8:30 in the evening.

February 25

Park City Gallery Association

The Park City Gallery Association just got a little bit better. At the new website, www.parkcitygalleryassociation.com, visitors can learn about all the galleries in town, gallery stroll events, maps, etc.


June 21

University of Utah Fine Art Museum

Just one more week to enjoy this Smithsonian curated exhibit highlighting the Latin influences in American Art.  Closing June 28th. 


June 21

Mountain Express Magazine article

Many Thanks to Mountain Express Magazine for the wonderful article commemorating our 50th anniversary.