David Lecheminant

Artist Statement

I am a keen observer of my environment, be that cultural, political or physical. As I move through the world, I pay attention to where the boundaries of these environments collide and use this as the basis for my work. I then use the language of form to distill and simplify complex ideas into more simple, straight-forward visual representations that are abstract and synthetic yet familiar.


I work with wood – often reclaimed -- a flexible material that is expressive, natural and “living”. I like the idea of giving a durable and natural material a new life. Wood – especially reclaimed -- is also inherently flawed and this appeals to me, too. Whether from nature, former use, or tools, I often leave these imperfections and consider them additional visual texture and a subtle reminder of our own natural and imperfect state.

I have several different bodies of work in progress at the same time, which allows me to express myself in different ways simultaneously while keeping my creative process interesting and challenging.


While earning a BA, I took many design and studio art courses but ultimately settled on a different major and pursued a career in business. After a decade, I stepped off the corporate treadmill for a sabbatical, never returned and made my way back to art. During the last two decades I have worked in wood, glass, metal and mixed media.

My work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Palm Dessert, CA; Salt Lake City and Park City, UT; Bethesda, MD; NY, NY; and Cincinnati, OH.

Recent exhibitions include:
  • Group show, Fringe Gallery, December 2017
  • Two-person show, The Gallery at Library Square, Nov-Jan 2017/18
  • President’s Show, SLCC, 2017
  • Group Show, Yust Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, October 2017
  • Springville Museum of Fine Art Spring Salon, April-July 2017
  • Featured Artist, Fringe Gallery, June 2017
  • President’s Show, SLCC, 2016
  • Sundance Cinema Café Installation, January 2014-17