Lis Pardoe

Lis Pardoe is a contemporary oil painter, working in a representational style. Her primary focus is the human figure, compounded with introspective modern day themes. She often pairs her subjects with pattern, drapery, organic matter, and highly rendered and intentional form. Working exclusively from life, some of her biggest influences are her friends and peers who have sat for her. “I will always feel indebted to my models, for trusting hours of their time and having confidence in my skill, which enables me to create art that feels so real, raw, and personable to me.” In 2010, Lis began a 5.5 year apprenticeship at the Hein Atelier of Traditional Art, where she learned the fundamentals of drawing and painting. She accredits influence to a range of painters including, contemporaries such Jeff Hein and Malcolm Leipke, but also to classics such as Lawrence Alma-Tadema, J. W. Waterhouse, and Anders Zorn. Lis currently paints and teaches in downtown Salt Lake City.

Selected Exhibitions/Publications

2018, Poets and Artists Magazine, 10th Anniversary Issue, Issue #92

2017, Buzzfeed Article, Collector’s Corner: A Look At What Art Collectors Are Shopping For

2017, Buzzfeed Article, 100 Facebook Portrait

2017, Poets and Artists Magazine, 50 Great Figurative Artworks 2017, Issue #89

2017, Springville Museum of Art Annual Spring Salon, Springville, UT

2016, Springville Museum of Art Annual Spring Salon, Springville, UT


Selected Awards

2016, Artist’s Choice Award, Springville Museum’s Annual Spring Salon, Springville, UT

2016, John F. and Anna Lee Stacey Scholarship, Oklahoma City, OK

2015, Portrait Society of America Scholarship, Atlanta, GA

2010, Hein Academy of Art Scholarship, Museum Showcase, Springville, UT