Shae Warnick

Growing up in Indiana, the window sills of Shae’s home were lined with pine cones. Fish tanks
were filled with mayfly nymphs and tadpoles. All of the phone books had pressed leaves in
them, and her dad nailed nesting boxes to the house. Surrounded by a family of amateur
naturalists, Shae inevitably became an artist rooted in nature.

Most of Shae’s images are based on specimen arrangements found in the research collections
of natural history museums. Since someone prepared and arranged the specimens, using
those arrangements as the basis of her compositions introduces a hidden human element to
the work. These elements enhance the messages she is most passionate about, messages
about our coexistence with nature. Not just the large-scale, awe-inspiring nature far removed
from our day to day living, but the understated nature we live in that must be noticed to be
appreciated and protected.

When she’s not painting, Shae is outside learning the names of things or traveling the world
looking for birds with her identical twin sister.

Selected Exhibitions
2018, Meyer Gallery, Une Petite Nuit, Park City, UT
2018, Garfield Arts Center, Impressed: A Printmaking Exhibit, Indianapolis, IN
2018, Online Exhibition, Places and Spaces
2017, David O. Mckay Library, Group Exhibit, Provo, UT
2017, Harris Fine Arts Center, Studio Methods, Provo, UT
2017, Central Michigan University Art Gallery, Art Walk Central, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan