Guillermo Avila Paz

As long as I can remember, I have been very inspired by all forms of visual arts, the words of
poetry, the different sounds of music and nature. Especially the beauty of colors and patterns of nature
with wildlife flourishing in front of our eyes like magic for each one of us to experience with our own
interpretation as it touches our soul.
I strongly believe that there is dance between art, nature and balance that has very healing
properties in life which help us overcome any challenge or difficulty that one encounters. It is a very
important part of our human history to document and share our past and our visions to help save the
future of our planet.
The exhibition I selected is The Wild Horses of the West Desert, the Onaqui Herd, of Utah.
For many years, while photographing them and learning the dynamic balance of their lives with nature, I
have witnessed these wild horses working together to survive all the challenges they have in the harsh
environment. It is amazing to see how strong they are as a herd; so tender, loving and caring. I can only
hope my images will be able to show this in the most natural way with their expressions and social
behaviors. How majestic these Mustang really are in their natural free environment. I can see now why in
so many different art forms for thousands of years mankind has been so inspired by them.
While photographing, I find it fun and very challenging at the same time, to capture my images for
the best exposure of the true tone values of all the colors and the light and shadows that I am seeing at
that current, present moment, I take notes and take a mental picture of the actual light and colors of the
moment take each shot. That way when editing and printing I can reproduce as natural to the true tone
values and colors of the image when it was photographed. When I am printing, my goal is minimal editing keeping the image as natural as possible to that special moment in time.

 Educational Art and Photography background,

Self-taught: Continuous

2017 - Current Salt Lake Community College - Photography Courses: 

1980 - Boise State University - TV Communications and Photography courses: Past

1979 - Boise High School Boise Idaho. Photography and Art classes.

1975 - Hood River High School Oregon. Photography and Art classes.


2018 - Salt Lake Community College Student Art – Visual Art & Design Showcase  Award of Excellence – Photo: Ebubu

2018 - Salt Lake Community College Student Art – Visual Art & Design Showcase  Provost’s Award – Photo: Curls

2017 - Salt Lake Community College Student Art – Visual Art & Design Showcase  Award of Merit – Dancing Horses

Artist Selected for Sowcase 

2019 - Art Access Art Showcase  - Mustang Freedom - Artist selected for a show with 25 Photographs the show displayed from Oct - Nov 

2018 - Utah President’s Art Show - Photos selected for showcase Photo: Flamingo Waves

2017 - Utah President’s Art Show - Photos selected for showcase Photo: Disco Desert