Shae Warnick

Shae is an artist and naturalist whose multidisciplinary study combines scientific subjects such
as ornithology and botany with printmaking and painting. In addition to the time she spends in
the studio, her dedication to natural history has led her to work with museums and research
institutions across the country.

“My recent work speaks to the increasingly decorative and curated role nature plays in our lives
and the importance of balancing scientific objectivity with sentiment, fiction, and folklore.
Everything I do is a whimsical critique of how we perceive the natural world.”

2021 The Collector’s Garden, Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH
2021 Small Art Treasures, Meyer Gallery, Park City, UT
2021 Wilderness II, Parasol Projects, New York City, New York
2021 Shae Warnick + Alex Warnick, Antler Gallery, Portland, OR
2021 Botanical Art Show, Benson Greenhouse, Rexburg, ID
2020 Wilderness, Antler Gallery, Portland, OR
2020 Birds for Sofia, Sugarlift Gallery, Chelsea, NY
2020 Jake Messing + Jeremy Miranda + Shae Warnick, Nahcotta, Portsmouth, NH
2020 Picturing Science, Blue Galleries, Boise State University, Boise, ID
2019 Making Her Mark, Meyer Gallery, Park City, UT
2019 Small Treasures, Meyer Gallery, Park City, UT
2019 Enormous Tiny Art Show, Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH
2019 The Art of Science, Third Space Studios, Provo, UT
2019 Aviary of the Reverend William J. Long, Gallery 303, Provo, UT
2018 Science + Art, Bountiful Davis Art Center, Bountiful, UT
2018 Une Petite Nuit, Meyer Gallery, Park City, UT
2018 Impressed: A Printmaking Exhibit, Garfield Arts Center, Indianapolis, IN
2018 Places and Spaces, Online Exhibition
2017 Group Exhibit, Harold B. Lee Library, Provo, UT