Chris Waddell

Chris Waddell was raised on a farm in South Eastern Idaho. Growing up in an agrarian
environment afforded him the opportunity to cultivate a relationship with the land where he
draws much of his inspiration for his sculpture. Following life on the farm, Chris studied
sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine arts in Philadelphia and subsequently worked
as a sculptor for Studio EIS in NYC where he created many portraits and monuments for
museums around the world. He now resides in Portland, OR where he divides his time between
family, developing animation products, and sculpting.

"The air, the soil, the water, and the persistent forces of nature create the experiences of one’s
time on a farm. They are grounding. Though I have lived and traveled the earth’s large cities and
far reaches, nothing has ever felt as real as the loved and hated farms of my youth. It
encapsulates the beautiful reality of digging, bleeding, hurting, and triumphing while watching
life rise then falter, and disintegrating to the earth again. The visual struggle to create something
out of the elements - dirt, clay, bronze - is what my sculptures represent. They embody my history
and experiences of manipulating raw material into something grounding and real and
Chris Waddell