September 29 - October 14

Une Petite Nuit

Une Petite Nuit, is a event featuring small artworks and small treats. The artwork in this show will feature most of the Meyer Gallery artists. A great chance to pick up work from some of your favorite artists!

August 4 - August 18

Douglas Aagard: Solo Show

Solo Exhibit and live painting demonstrations by Utah artist and palette knife painter, Douglas Aagard, during the Park City Arts Festival. Douglas will be in the gallery painting on Friday evening, August 4 and throughout the day on Saturday, August 5th.

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March 4 - March 25

Walking Stick Diary

New works by Fidalis Beuhler. Fidalis is a true "artist's artist", following his creative muse wherever it leads and creating work that defies classification.

February 17 - March 3

Winter Roundup

"Winter Roundup" will feature new works by artist, Jeffery Pugh.

February 4 - February 16

The Winter

24 new paintings by beloved artist Brian Kershisnik.

January 6 - January 17

"Look Closely"

New Works by gallery artists Kaori Takamura and Gwen Davidson. Opening Reception January 6th, 6:30-8:30 pm. Mixed Media paintings.

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December 30 - January 14

Epics, Myths, & Fables

Featuring work by 16 leading ceramic sculptors, we are excited to present "Epics, Myths, & Fables".

December 17 - December 31


New works by Santiago Michalek

September 30 - October 17

Une Petite Nuit

"Une Petite Nuit" will feature captivating small artworks in various mediums. At the opening reception, Friday, September 30th, six to nine pm, we will enjoy Petit Four treats and lively music.

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July 29 - August 19

Nature Beyond the Landscape

We are pleased to present: "Nature Beyond the Landscape" Paintings by three artists featuring naturalist elements. Opening reception will be held on July 29th from 6-9 pm.

This show will feature three exceptional artists:

Leslie Duke, Maddison Colvin, and Philip Barlow

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June 24 - July 10

Photo Focus Group Show

One Level of the gallery will be devoted to Art photography by Meyer Gallery Artists.

Work by Jenny Gummersall, Tamara Staples, Max Rosenzweig, and Corinne Geertsen. Opening Reception to be held during the Park City Gallery Stroll, Friday, June 24th, 6 to 9 pm.

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May 27 - June 23

Emerging Artists Primavera

This spring 2016, The Meyer Gallery will host a juried invitational show, "Emerging Artists Primavera". This show will feature exclusively emerging artists from the Utah region. The show is guest curated by the talented Brittany Scott. Brittany is an accomplished painter, organizer of the Creative Collaborative, busy wife and mother. She holds a BFA from BYU and was recently a participant in a 2016 exhibit at the Springville Museum of Art.

An opening reception at the Meyer Gallery will be held on Friday, May 27th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm during the Park City "Last Friday" gallery stroll.

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March 25 - April 12

The Vibrant Landscape

You are Cordially Invited to the opening reception of "The Vibrant Landscape". This show features several diverse landscape artists represented by the Meyer Gallery. The landscape artist approaches his subject with a passionate respect for nature's ever changing story. In a few minutes, or even seconds, the light, color and content of a landscape can change dramatically. It is this steadfast source of wonder that brings the artist back again and again. New works by Seth Winegar, Douglas Aagard, Victoria Adams, Jenny Gummersall, Mark Crenshaw, Chris Reilly, Frank Huff, Brittany Scott, Jeff Pugh, and Philip Barlow. An opening reception will be held on Friday, March 25th from 6:00-9:00 pm during the Park City Gallery Stroll.

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February 26 - February 26

Brian Kershisnik "Food Poetry"

2016 Annual Solo Show

Artist Reception Friday, February 26th, six to nine in the evening. All are welcome to visit this vibrant show. Brian loves a good meal and it shows in this body of work that he calls "Food Poetry". An artist reception will be held on Friday, February 26th, Six to Nine in the evening.

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February 12 - March 31

Solo Show Jeff Pugh

2016 Solo Show for Jeff Pugh. Artist Reception on Friday, February 12, six to nine in the evening.

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December 26 - January 23

Caitlin Connolly and Chris Reilly

Metaphoric Figurative Paintings by Caitlin Connolly

Encaustic Paintings by Chris Reilly

November 27 - December 18

Solo Show Santiago Michalek

Santiago Michalek's paintings fulfill the want and need for nostalgia in all of us. His paintings in concept are simple, but despite that simplicity the intention of the work is to create an iconic moment in the memory of the viewer. Everyone has a story or sentimentality for vintage transportation, Santiago's paintings can spark memories and transport the observer back to wondrous times. Opening reception on Friday, November 27th at 6:00 - 9:00 P.M.

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August 28 - September 26

Two Lines - Abstract Paintings by Gwen Davidson and Paige Anderson

Please join us on Friday, August 28th from 6 until 9 pm for the Opening Reception of "Two Lines". Paintings by Paige Anderson and Gwen Davidson.

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June 26 - August 1

50th Anniversary Party

The year 2015 marks the Meyer Gallery’s 50th year as a Utah art gallery. On Friday, June 26th, from 6:30-8:30 pm we are inviting the public to have some fun with us.

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March 27 - May 9

Group Landscape Show

Please join us for an evening of movement featuring the works of Douglas Aagard, Brad Aldridge, Mark Crenshaw, Sushe Felix, Brittany Scott, and Seth Winegar. Reception begins at 6:00 PM until 9:00 and coincides with the Park City Gallery Stroll.

February 27 - March 25

Brian Kershisnik Solo Show

During Park City Gallery Stroll: Brian Kershisnik Solo Show

February 13 - March 25

Jeffery R. Pugh Solo Show

Jeffery R. Pugh Solo Show

January 2 - February 1


The word Mimesis had a wide range of meaning to the ancient Greeks. The act of resembling, the act of expression, and the presentation of the self are a few of the definitions attached to the word. Figurative Art is a sweeping genre with as many nuances as the title suggests. Mimesis will include works by artists Jeffrey Hein, Casey Childs, Adam Hansen, Caitlin Connolly, Mary Sauer, Jim Rennert, Matthew Saba, and Barbara Pence.

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December 26 - January 31

The Sublime Vignette

Please join us for a Solo Show featuring the stirring works from artist Fatima Ronquillo. Reception runs from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm and coincides with the Park City Gallery Stroll.

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November 28 - December 27

Road Trip Santiago Michalek

One Man Show for Santiago Michalek. Coincides with the Monthly Park City Gallery Stroll. Reception runs from 6:00 to 9:00 in the evening.

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September 26 - September 28

Affordable Art Stroll

Park City Gallery Association featuring affordable original works at each participating galleries.

August 1 - August 3

Encaustic Painting Demonstrations

Encaustic Painting Demonstrations by Chris Reilly and Michelle Haglund.

Throughout the weekend during the Park City Arts Festival!

July 25 - August 25

Shared Language

Abstract Painting Group Show - Andrew Ballstaedt, Paige Anderson, Kaori Takamura, Gwen Davidson, Katie Ellingson and Kate Rivers. During the Park City Gallery Stroll